In these extra pages i will post older pictures about my favorite celebrity babies since i made this blog on June 2010 and i didn't have the chance to do that. ENJOY!!

19 DECEMBER 2007-Seal and his supermodel wife Heidi Klum continue their annual ski and snowboard vacation in Aspen, Colorado on Wednesday.
The super couple and two of their kids — Leni, 3 1/2, Henry, 2 — were spotted leaving their resort. Bundled up in a bubble coat, Seal stopped off at a ski shop to make a few purchases along the way.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/12/19/heidi-seal-of-approval/#ixzz0rs5fma8h

24 NOVEMBER 2007-Heidi Klum and hunky husband Seal take their kids Leni, Henry and Johan to have their photos taken with Santa in Los Angeles on Saturday.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/11/25/heidi-klum-santa/#ixzz0rs1zFcsA

2 NOVEMBER 2007-Heidi Klum takes daughter Leni, 3 1/2, to the Turning Point School in Culver City, Calif. on Friday morning.
Leni was seen carrying a Dora the Explorer lunchbox and picking flowers outside the school. Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/11/05/heidi-klum-school/#ixzz0rrwTALQF

12 SEPTEMBER 2007-Supermodel Heidi Klum starts her Thursday morning by taking her three kids — Leni, 3, Henry, 2, and Johan, 9 months — for a walk through Beverly Hills with mom Erna and nannies to boot.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/09/14/johan-samuel-heidi-klum/#ixzz0rrpblsij

6 JULY 2007-Yummy mummy Heidi Klum starts her Friday morning by taking her three kids — Leni, 3, Henry, 22 months, and Johan, 7 months — to educational supplies store “Lakeshore Learning Materials” in Culver City, Calif.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/07/07/heidi-klum-children/#ixzz0rrmFbsCw

20 JUNE 2007-Singer Seal returns from the European leg of his tour and walks around NYC’s West Village with supermodel wife Heidi Klum their 3-year-old daughter Leni. Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/06/20/heidi-seal-leni/#ixzz0rrfLlV8h

16 JUNE 2007-Yummy mummy Heidi Klum goes for a leisurely five-hour stroll through NYC’s West Village and SoHo on Saturday afternoon with her family.
The supermodel supermom, along with her army of nannies and bodyguards, walked around with 3-year-old Leni and 20-month-old Henry and 6-month-old Johan. Heidi’s mother Erna also went along for the fun. Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/06/17/heidi-klum-kids-tantrum/#ixzz0rokl4yrs

13 JUNE 2007-Like mother, like daughter!
Heidi Klum sports a new set of bangs while out dining at Italian restaurant of choice Bar Pitti with 3-year-old daughter Leni on Thursday in NYC’s West Village.
The mother-daughter duo shared many special moments, enjoying laughs, hugs and kisses with each other! Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/06/15/heidi-klum-bangs/#ixzz0rn1ou62N

8 JUNE 2007-Heidi Klum spends her Friday afternoon again in the Big Apple with her three children and father Guenther and mom Erna. (She did the same thing last Friday.)
The supermodel mom walked hand in hand with 3-year-old Leni and 20-month-old Henry while 6-month-old Johan had a stroller all to himself.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/06/09/henry-samuel-heidi-klum-2/#ixzz0rmx0pdNr

29 MAY 2007-Heidi Klum is seen strolling about NYC’s SoHo neighborhood with her three kids on Tuesday in New York City — 3-year-old daughter Leni, 20-month-old son Henry and 6-month-old son Johan.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/05/29/heidi-klum-kids/#ixzz0rmo1dBGa

27 MAY 2007-Supermodel mommy-of-three Heidi Klum goes for an ice cream run on Sunday afternoon in downtown Manhattan with 3-year-old daughter Leni and 20-month-old son Henry.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/05/28/henry-samuel-heidi-klum/#ixzz0rmjPHCiS

18 MAY 2007-Yummy mummy Heidi Klum spends the afternoon shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood on Friday with her own mom Erna Klum, 3-year-old daughter Leni and 6-month-old son Johan.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/05/18/heidi-klum-pregnant-again/#ixzz0rmgIYyBl

MAY 2 2007-Heidi Klum and hubby Seal prepare to depart from LAX airport on Thursday in Los Angeles with their 3 children — Leni (she turns 3 tomorrow), Henry, 20 months, and Johan, 5 months. Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/05/04/heidi-klum-family/#ixzz0rmYJh9OF

JANUARY 2007-Heidi Klum took her daughter Leni shoe shopping, and the little tyke seemingly had a great time. Heidi was sans make up and looked a tad tired while perusing a Beverly Hills shoe store with her daughter. Leni tried on some four-inch heels, and Heidi fed the girls stuffed animal some water.

While Heidi perused the stylish footwear, Leni tried on some towering gold stilettos for size. Surrounded by fabulous designs, the little girl seemed to be having a whale of a time, although judging by her precarious attempts to walk in the $225, four-inch heels the youngster might be wise to stick to her trainers for the time being.

September 5 2006
Seal and a pregnant Heidi Klum seen leaving their New York City home and heading to the Wolf Building with their children Henry (1) and Leni (2).

SEPTEMBER 4 2006-Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale met up with mom-to-be Heidi Klum (due in November) and Seal. The famous four brought along their little tykes, which includes Heidi and Seal’s 2-year-old daughter Leni and 1-year-old son Henry and Gwen and Gav’s 3-month-old son Kingston.Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2006/09/05/gwen-stefani-meets-heidi-klum/#ixzz0rmQCYiRq

September 2006- Heidi Klum playing with her children Leni and Henry.

Heidi Klum and daughter Leni went shopping in Beverly Hills. Clearly Leni is creating a style of her own and it doesn't involve coordinating patterns, colors or looking like Mom. She does however know that animal print is super hot right now. Go Leni - so cute.

4 AUGUST 2006-Singer Seal and his supermodel wife Heidi Klum (who is five months pregnant with her third child), arrived at Los Angeles airport with their two children — two-year-old daughter Leni and 11-month-old son Henry. They were joined by Heidi’s mother and the family nanny for their trip out of town. Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2006/08/05/heidi-seal-leni-henry/#ixzz0rmEFgk6d

25 JUNE 2006- Los Angeles, CA :: Mom-to-be Heidi Klum and husband Seal took their two children — two-year-old daughter Leni, and nine-month-old son Henry (pictured after the jump) — shopping this past weekend. The ever increasing family also paid a visit to their friend’s house in Beverly Hills. Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2006/06/27/heidi-klum-seal-take-kids-shopping/#ixzz0rm8rPRxj

Mom-to-be Heidi Klum, two-year-old daughter Leni, and nine-
month-old son Henry (and nanny!) got picked up by her singer husband Seal after arriving at LAX airport (June 2006).
Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2006/06/22/project-runway-3-designers-biographies/#ixzz0rlqasCoh

New York, NY :: Supermodel Heidi Klum, 33, and singer husband Seal, 43, took their two children out for a walk SoHo in June 1 2006— daughter Leni, 2, and son Henry, 9 months.
Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2006/06/02/project-runway-3/#ixzz0rlgwwYCU

April 2006
Heidi Klum is out with her kids Leni, 2, and son Henry, in Los Angeles.

Nigerian-British R&B singer Seal famously came a father to German supermodel Heidi's first child and the married pair now has two kids together. Klum's husband, British musician Seal, is helping her raise the child. Even in the earlier stages of their relationship, Klum said Seal treated Leni as if she was his own child.

Heidi Klum, with what looks like no makeup on, toted one of her tykes through Aspen while hubby Seal carried her daughter through the snow as the family vacationed for the holidays.

Octomber 2005

Supermodel Heidi Klum is waiting for the arrival of Baby No. 2 this month while tending to daughter Leni, who turned 1 on May 4. "If you like what you do, you can juggle everything," says Klum (in Malibu on July 17). "And I love being a mom." Says Klum's dad, Gunther: "She feels great and is deeply satisfied with her life."

Klum, Seal and Leni in August 2005

Klum gave birth to her first child, Helene (Leni) Klum (now Samuel) on May 4, 2004 in New York City. Briatore, Leni's biological father, is not involved in the child's life; she has stated emphatically that "Seal is Leni's father."

Heidi as a kid.

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